Arch Linux on VirtualBox

Booting Arch Linux on VirtualBox for Windows 10 (Step-by-Step) For dummies

In my last article we learned how to install Oracle’s VirtualBox with a defiant Windows 10. Today, we’re going to go a step further and install Arch Linux. A distribution suggested by my collegue at work as ‘the best’.

So lets jump in here. I don’t know anything about Arch, so we’ll go to the site. It says it’s a motto is to “Keep it simple” and I’m all down for that only the website looks as complex as hell.

Download and Run VirtualBox

1. Go to the Downloads page and have a look for your preferred method. There’s like a 100 options to choose. I went with Torrent as it’s the most recognisable word on the page.

Arch Linux download options

You’re going to need a BitTorrent client as well. There’s another 1000 options to choose from there. I’m using BitTorrent. Due to the ‘pirate’ nature of torrents, no matter where you go, you’ll likely get spammed with: gambling adds, dodgey pop-ups of ‘get rich’ fast and Russian brides. We’ll talk about that another time. With any luck you’ve got the download started and Arch comfortably in your hands.

2. Open VirtualBox, I installed it previously here. Turns VirtualBox does not show up in Windows Search (the fuck?) but you can find it in the VirtualBox’s default installation directory.. Wait. Hold the fuck up. Where is VirtualBox?

Where's VitualBox on Windows?

3. Find out where VirtualBox went. It maybe hiding somewhere in the filesystem. Ah ha! VirtualBox default installation directory is: C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox

Where you at VirtualBox

4. Open the VirtualBox.exe (we’re on Windows people).

VirtualBox installation complete

Setup a new Virtual Machine

5. So let’s create a new Virtual Machine. Click new and type the name Arch and you’ll notice the rest is autocompleted. So cool (seriously that was). Click Next.

6. Click next. Ain’t nobody got time to allocate memory size.

7. Click Create. What no Virtual Solid State Drive? Denied.

Create a virtual hard drive

8. I’m only using VirtualBox so lets click next. Don’t even think about clicking Expert Mode. Remember who you are.

Choose a hard disk file type

9. Click next. We don’t care too much.

10. Click create. Look this is a test machine. I’m sure there was someone much more ‘Expert Mode’ then I who allocated the defaults. Let’s stick with them.

File location and Size allocation

Great, we’re almost setup. We just need to mount and install the ISO we downloaded earlier.

Arch linux ready to go

Mount the ISO

This part I have no idea about.

11. Mount the ISO we downloaded previously onto the Virtual Machines CD/Drive. Remember, that’s not acutally yours, it’s the Virtual Machines. I found it under Settings > Storage > Empty (CD Drive) > Attributes > Click disc icon thingy > Choose Virtual Optical Disk File..

Mounting an ISO to VirtualBox

12. Select the ArchLinux.ISO and click open.

Get that iso mounted

13. Click OK

Save the settings

Start the Virtual Machine

Here we go.

14. Select Start.

Start the virtual machine

15. Observe the resuts.

Successfully booting Arch Linux on Virtual box

Booting Arch Linux

16. Using the keyboard (remember we’re in a boot screen). Select ‘Boot Arch Linux (x86_64)’ and hit Enter.

Arch linux boot options

If you click into the screen on VirtualBox, you’re prompted with one of these. Hit capture and tell it to fuck off by not showing the dialog again.

Fuck off VirtualBox

Fuck off VirtualBox

17. We’re in. Now, from here we can either use this as our machine or install. Keep in mind, that is a whopping process of steps. I mean, fuck. Why is this always so difficult.

Arch linux login prompt

 18. For now, lets leave the installation for another day. Hit ‘X‘ and save the machine state so we can pick it up another time.

Save state of your virtualbox

Why does Linux always feel so tedius I wonder?

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