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Everybody wants to become famous. Few can pull it off. Many have succeeded. From the depths of success, some of us cannot take it.

“I want to be famous”, my partner said. Fame, fortune and everything that comes with it. The lights, the stars, the money. But do we have what it takes to survive it. To sacrifice all that we have to chase a dream. Take Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrision or Jimmi Hendrix. John Lennon, Abraham Lincoln or the Kennedy brothers. Tupac Shakur and Eazy-E. It’s one thing to be famous, it’s another to live it and survive.

What makes fame and fortune such a dangerous pastime. I use pastime as it’s chosen way of life. You chose to be famous. There’s nothing stopping you from going into hiding, creating and alias and disappearing from the rest of the world in far north Africa. Nothing. However, you can create fame and hold on to it – if you dare.

Take Lady Gaga for example. I remember watching a Youtube clip of her before she became famous. Her name was/is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Apparently she was an extra in television shows before the persona. Check her out – Vintage Lady Gaga @ MTV Boiling Points 2005.

Lady Gaga on "Boiling Point

Your average girl

It’s the same deal with other ‘stars’ (if you’d like to call them that). George Micheal or Robin Williams. extraordinarily talented people who have unfortunately taken, or had it taken, too early. Did they know something that we didn’t? Did they have some special ability that made them superhuman? Or was the weight of fame too much? We will never know. I bring this up after watching the Oliver Stone movie called The Doors, about.. The Doors and Jim Morrison. Now, if you don’t know already, Jim died. In a bathtub of all places. You can check out – “The Doors” Movie Trailer.

From what I saw the movie was quite good. I was drunk on Friday night so I don’t really know. The thing that got me interested in was Morrison – the man. What made him so great? So I found some quotes from him. One in-particular stood out.

Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.

He’s saying that the only thing holding you back is yourself. There is nothing to be worried about. Nothing stopping you from doing or saying what you want. Sure there are rules and laws and people going around telling you to stop right now. But what is that really? It the grand scheme of life. Who are those people and why do they care? He has many other insightful quotes but The Doors music and lyrics are really what shine. A deep poetic vision of life filled with that piano and beat and slapped together in one harmonious explosion. Oh god.

As I lay on my bed I contemplated the things people around me were doing to become ‘successful’. You’ll hear time-and-time again that its your own definition, and it is. Only it’s heavily influenced by what everyone else is doing and what they tell you. Mostly, what we see in the media. People who have money, businesses, bands, scientists and so they try to mimic them. “I have a great idea for an app” people will say. It will make millions.

The problem is no one has the ability to execute it and they fall in love with an idea. The idea of being famous and wealthy. The truth is, no one really wants to be famous. Because being famous exposes you and all your flaws to everyone. Let me give you an example. While I was laying on my bed drifting in between consciousness, I imagined what it would be like to be on my very own Truman Show.

The idea sprung to me a while ago. I’d never really thought of applying it to my real-life. Imagine recording every instance of your life. We already do it with our eyes, we hear with our ears and feel with our fingers. We record with our minds. Now, I can’t record all these things, particularly my thoughts  (I can’t write all the time) or heightened emotions such as fear, remorse, sadness or pain. But I can record vision and sound.

Think of Minority Report with Tom Cruise. The film had many interesting concepts of the future. I particularly liked the concept of ‘cars on rails’ (save that for another time). The one I wanted to focus on was the eyes and the ability to see ‘into the future’ and to be able to ‘scroll’ through it.

Take this one step further and imagine recording ones life. We really already record in TV/Film using a video camera or most traditionally with the invention of the photo camera. Using a camera we have a we’re saving a moment in time and fossilised it on a piece of (generally) gloss paper.

First Recorded Photograph

One of the first recorded photographs

Examine the image above. The silhouette of what looks like a roof and some buildings on a sunny day in 1826 or 1827, France. We will never be able to relive that (presumably) sunny day again. However, we can record it and transport ourself right back using a photo. Fast-forward to 2017 and we all have this ability in our pocket. The ability to lock something in time.

Shit I saw on the ground

“Shit I saw on the ground last night” (2017) Look how far we’ve come

Take a look at the image above. As I was walking home after drinking Friday night I walked through a well-lit area at 9pm and witnessed this by Crowne Plaza Hotel. What appears to be a pair of spectacles, a sound card, a pair of jeans, a fork, toilet papers, used cigarettes and possibly a sharps bin. What occurred here previously is a mystery, however I’m sure someone knows. To be honest, once it’s cleaned up no one will ever know it happened. I for one, would love to. That photo, is the only evidence that something occurred here. Possibly the only evidence in existence. If only, someone had recorded the events of this very spot.

Imagine a world where we could record every step of our lives. It’s been done before in The Truman Show and recently watched and episode of Black Mirror called The Entire History Of You where the characters had eye implants that allowed them to record and replay their life to themselves and others.

A scene from Black Mirror

This turns life on its head. Imagine a world where you could record everything that happens to you. There would be no more car crashes that cannot prove who was at fault. We’d all have evidence (unless you were looking away). Every crime would have proof. You’d have evidence of people telling you things. You’d be accountable for ever action you make. Everyone would have to be very sure ‘do I really want to do this?’. And we can do it right now. With the phone in your pocket. So what is limiting us from recording every part of our lives?

That is an excellent question. Something I was pondering as I lay in bed. If I had a pair of glasses that would record everything I saw and heard.

  • What would my housemates think?
  • What would my family think?
  • What would my colleagues think?
  • Was I even legal?

Of course it was fucking legal. We record everything with our eyes. There is nothing that should stop me from recording myself. Unless of course, people had something to hide? In which case they shouldn’t. Everyone should feel perfectly comfortable with themselves and to be honest. I would imagine my workplace would not like it. What if our competitors found out about our secrets? I say let them. If we want to help customers and the rest of the world. Lets share all our secrets, stop trying to get ahead and help everyone out together. Like a true, collaborative industrial team.

What I would propose is a camera, connected to your phone with enough battery life to sustain itself throughout the day. Rig her up with a bunch of Powerbanks. Set the phone up on a 4G network, widely available throughout the metropolis with seamless connectivity and beam that shit straight to a server or better yet, YouTube. Your own personal fucking Truman Show.

Imagine the sex, the scandals and adventure. Could you imagine what others would think. If I were to do it, I’d likely have to quit my job. People probably wouldn’t let me into places. Friends would cease to be friends in fear that they would be subject to public ridicule. People would know where I lived and where I was. Everyone would know where you were at every moment of your life. You would never know what was going to happen to you. It’s quite scary, but extremely intriguing.

Dylan TV Architecture

I mean, you wouldn’t have to do it forever. Who knows if someones basic and boring life would even be interesting to others. I know Big Brother and reality TV shows are. People enjoy watching others play video games. Imagine watching someone in real life. Imagine if you had the ability to respond to the person or ‘actor’ in the ‘movie’ and help guide them to make decisions if they so choose to do so. They could interact with the audience or not at all. The only limitation being, they could never stop recording.

If they did, it would defeat the purpose. Perhaps you could minus the bathroom or shower, but honestly it should be 100% uncensored. So what if people see or hear something that grosses them out. They can tune out, because this is life.

I don’t know what is the price of fame is. It would be an absolutely unbelievable experience to participate in such an experiment. We have the means and ability. I perhaps don’t have the courage to pull it off. It would involve a decent cost of mobile data. If you had some sponsors it could work.

The Japanese have done a similar social experiment and it is amazing. It seems to be under a more controlled environment. The random selection and “Take your clothes off” completely throw Nasubi off-side and his behaviour is intriguing to watch. It’d be no different to watching someone who willingly records their life.

They’d have to explain to everyone “Hello, I have to tell you that my life is recorded to everyone on the internet. Are you okay with this?”. You would hope they’d respond “Yeah man, everyone can come along to the party”. Only their response maybe more along the lines of “Get the fuck away from me”. Who knows what it would hold.

What is life’s like without fear I wonder?

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