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How to install VirtualBox for Windows 10 (Step-by-step) For dummies

In this how-to article, I examine the steps of how to install Virtual box, a popular emulation tool, to Windows 10.

It’s a fairly straight forward process. Don’t be alarmed by the number of steps or pop-ups. I assure you it is completely normal. So let’s not waste time and get into it:

1. Go to, the home of Oracle’s Virtualbox.

Virtualbox Homepage

We don’t roll like that.

2. Select ‘Windows Host‘ from the download page that looks like it was made in the ’90s.

VirtualBox Downloads Section

‘Windows Hosts platform binary packages’

3. You will now wait for eternity (if you’re Australian) as you wait for your housemate to stop watching YouTube to download the 180MB file.

Don't blink you'll miss it.

4. One it has finished, you can click on the file and get that should open the installer. If you mess this step up or are using a Web Browser other than Chrome. I offer you no support. I’m sorry. IT can be brutal at times. You should be greeted with the following screen click Run.

Fuck you Windows Smart Screen

Fuck you Windows Smart Screen

If you are in anyway interested in what this does, I will refer you here. For rest of you, you’ll be looking for this.

How to disable Windows Smart Screen

If you are unfortunate enough to ‘lose’ track of your smart screen. You will find it cleverly hidden behind all your applications with no icon on your task bar. I suggest minimising all open windows. Try to avoid ‘windows + d‘ shortcut as you’ll likely lose it forever and never be able to install VirtualBox.

Fuck you Windows Smart Screen

I see you

5. You will now be shown the VirtualBox installation window get ready because this part is hard. Click next.

Welcome to VirtualBox

6. Click next. 

7. Remove that shit you don’t want it. Click next.

8. See this scary page. You have no choice, click next.

9. Like you had a choice, click install.

9. It’s at this point you will be confronted with UAC to stop you. It will look something scary like this (and yes, you cannot screenshot it or access any other programs when you do). Click No.


If you’d like to understand more about Windows UAC, simply search it in Google:

Windows UAC search results

I shit you not, the feature is that bad.

10. If you’ve sucessfully navigated UAC and others, please wait a few moments.

11. Do you really think Windows Security would let you off that easily? Don’t be fooled by pressing enter. Windows doesn’t want you to install. They are not your friend. Ignore Windows. Click Install.

11. Finally, click Finish

Congratulations, you have completed the process.

VirtualBox installation complete

May my wonderful instructions help you forever.

For the feature image reference, please see

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