How start writing a successful blog And make an idiot of yourself

There are too many things I’d like to say. Most of the time, I don’t know how to say it or how to express myself effectively when I do.

A number of burning questions will flow through my head:

– Will people understand me?
– How can I convey meaning in a simple and convincing way?
– Do I need to be convincing?
– Am I trying to sell something?
– Should I make a coffee?
– Hey, there’s a cool show on television

It doesn’t always go like that, but more or less involves a level of procrastination or excuses. As the saying goes:


Actions speak louder than words.


You can speak to the heavens about how you’d like to do something, achieve or create. It is nothing without being backed up by solid action. In terms of a blog (especially a successful one) you must take action.


Starting is the hardest thing.


I work daily as a software developer. There are many times I just do not want to do a task. I would put them off as long as possible. But I know they must be done to move forward. Eventually, I will submit and begin the grueling task of starting. And you know what I’ve found after years of university assignments and full-time work since I was 12.


The feeling never changes.


This is work. Work is something you do not want to do. Starting is work. Persisting is work. Fighting is work. The only thing you can do is recognize it and push through. It’s best to avoid if you can, but one in a while you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and do it. The funny thing is, once you’ve begun, you start to enjoy it. You get into a rhythm and flow like music. You pick yourself up and as you do it more often you refine your process until you master it. This applies to anything from doing the dishes, starting a business, a family or even maintaining a relationship. No one was an expert the day they were born. One day, you’ll look back at others struggling at the same point you did and offer them help. Saying something like:


You get out what you put in.


If you don’t put in the work, you’ll never see the return. For instance, I have 100 lemons (bear with me) I picked from a tree. I’d like to sell them. Sounds simple. Let’s take the fact that ‘selling’ is not the same as ‘giving away for free’. So I intend to make money. First, how much do I sell the lemon? I could guess the market price is 50 cents a pop and go out on the street and stand there handing out lemons.


Lets hypothetically say I did.


I ended up standing in the cold on a Saturday night. Waiting all day for someone to come by and purchase my delicious lemons. Are they delicious? I should really try one. Lets say they are. Is anyone going to buy from the creepy guy palming off lemons to people? Fuck no. I should at minimum have a sign to tell people what I’m doing. Shit, I could do an honor system. Leave the lemons outside with instructions and a tin can for money (until someone steals my tin and lemons :(, I’ll chain it with a padlock!). I don’t even know how much a lemon is worth. Turns out the supermarket down the road sells them for $1 each. Shit, I’m way undervaluing lemons (assuming they’re the correct size). What is the average lemon size anyway?

You know what. There’s a market down the street. Best chance is probably to go spruik them over there on a weekend. Will they even be ripe by then? How on earth will I carry 100 lemons to the market? Maybe I can make a bike with a trailer and while I’m at it, sell lemons to the pub so they can put them in Coronas. Shit, why don’t I just sell them to the supermarket? I don’t know.


You will never know until you try.


Try sell 100 lemons. Really. I might just do that. Not because it’s a crazy idea but to prove that I can actually do it. I could even take some kids along and teach them the basics of supply and demand. Shit, I could charge the parents for teaching their kids and supplying a sudo-day care. Getting paid on my lemons as well. I wonder if using the kids to sell lemons is slave labor?


I won’t but you get the idea. ———– GIVING UP ALREADY


All that needs to be done is to start. Like this blog. I am not an expert blogger. I’ve had some experience here and there. This is surely not going to win any awards and honestly it’s more of an outlet than anything that would be considered successful. That would depend on your definition and lets save that one for another time.


My writing will get better I promise.

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