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Yow! 2017 Developer Conference Melbourne Another year another laynard

It was a swealtering Melbourne day at the annual Yow! developer conference. It was again held at the Pullman Hotel and the ticket is still an extortionate $1,000. I’ll give you a rundown of the talks I went to on Day 1.

Main Topics:

  • Events
  • Functional Programming
  • Micro-services

Keynote – Lynn Langit & Dr. Denis Bauer

The keynote by Lynn Langit and CSIROs Dr. Denis Bauer was a wonderful introduction to showcase how IT can be used to help the world. Dr. Bauer’s ability to leverage AWS to find descrepancies in genome data was impressive. I’ve done minor research and I highly commend her effort in pioneering the use cloud technologies to process big data using machine learning. Thanks to Lynn for supporting her make the world a better place and pushing Jupyter Notebooks, something that will be effective for all researchers.

Ondrej Lehecka

I stayed in the Green room for the man from Facebook. He explained their LiveServer and LiveQueries with GraphQL. His talk was delivered with an ice-cool tone suggesting those at Facebook know real-time publish and subscribe models using sockets. Rsocket is promising and the caching challenges and optimisations they do are incredible. There’s tremendous room for error. I expect more reactive, real-time applications in the future.

Kresten Krab Thourup

He took an unconventional approach co-founding his startup Humio. This log analytic tool was new to me and he showed great knowledge of computer hardware and ‘feel’. This showed in his Event Store processing app built on Scala (or was it erlang), Elm, Kafka and Docker. There’s a lot to optimised logs than you’d think. Unfortunately, I only saw one screenshot of the tool. It looked slick (compared to Splunk) and I wish he showed us a demo. I wish him all the best with Humio and his team of 11 ‘no bullshitters’.

Phil Calçado

His talk on ‘The Next Generation of Microservices’ drew an unbelievable crowd. I’m unsure if it was him or the word ‘microservices’ but I had to sit on the floor. His talk was engaging by using humour and emojis. He proved microservices weren’t easy and the adages of distributed computing are still relevant. He explained their evolution to platforms that quickly spin into microservice meshes. I got lost somewhere at the mesh-side cars. He talks fast and has an heavy accent and if you follow theirs plenty of gems he talks about, like gRPC. Thankfully there were no emergency evacuations.

Simon Brown

He is clear and to the point. He spoke about clean software architecture, evolutionary design, planning and leadership. He showed great poise. His approach was less technical and focused on people and process. He was surprisingly the only one I heard talk about Agile. I had a chuckle at his ‘whiteboard’ section where “boxes looked like they’re being shot at by storm troopers” and his dig at Mattias Petter Johansson (MPJ) – who I quite like was a bit uncalled for. There were some great nuggets of wisdom from this clearly experienced architect. Checkout his work on the C4 model.

Sebastian von Conrad

I was looking forward to his talk on CQRS. A colleague has shown great interest in it. I watched a talk by Greg Young on Event Sourcing on Monday and this talk had parallels. The example of the order processing and bank transactions were the same and felt like a rehash. It did re-enforce my knowledge and help spread the word of Event Sourcing. This is a direction for future applications with one crowd member saying they’ve implemented it. Sebastian spoke well and I liked they way he used the slides to emphasise his words.

Olivier Deheules and James Watson

Another talk on event systems. Using Event Sourcing but not quite the full CQRS system Sebastian spoke about. It uses commands with a log or distributed queues with a ‘leader’ round-robin approach to create a a resilient system. It was getting towards the end of the day. My attention slipped (apologies) and I didn’t catch it all. What I did was event driven designs are here to stay.


I skipped the final talk because I was too tired to keep the information in. 9am – 6:45pm is a stretch for conference goers and I encourage organisers to shorten the breaks between talks. I saw a few people leave at the 5pm mark. It was a great turnout by both attendants and sponsors. I still can’t get over the cost of the 2-day event. Lowering the price would bring in a lot more heads and perhaps that’s what the organisers don’t want.

You get a free T-Shirt.

Where: Pullman Hotel, Albert Park, Melbourne
30th November – 1st December, 2017
Feature Image:
Kresten “He doesn’t do haircuts” Krab Thourup


Dr. Denis Bauer and Lynn angit @ Yow! Conference 2017

Dr. Denis Bauer (left) and Lynn Langit (right)

Ondrej Lehecka @ Yow! Conference 2017

Ondrej Lehecka pretending not to know how LiveServer worked.

Big crowd for Phil Calçado @ Yow! Conference 2017

Big Crowd for Phil Calçado and Microservices

Phil Calçado @ Yow! Conference 2017

Phil Calçado explaining microservices

Simon Brown shows us the AaaS @ Yow! Conference 2017

Simon Brown shows us the AaaS

Before Sebatian von Conrad @ Yow! Conference 2017

Before Sebastian von Conrad did his Greg Young impersonation

Big turnout @ Yow! Conference 2017

Great turnout

Clever branding @ Yow! Conference Melbourne

Clever branding by a sponsor

Coffee stand @ Yow! Conference 2017

Coffee stands were popular

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