Grab a black Artline marker

How to clean up your old black kicks Grab yourself a Sharpie

I’ve been wearing my Stefan Janoski Maxs for over a year now and it’s fair to say they’ve worn themselves well.

I grabbed these old boys from Hemley Store in Chapel St. An urban American style joint for lumberjack bits, jackets and bobs. I feel right at home there. The prices are on point, clothes are solid quality and designs provide warmth for winter.

I ended up going for the suede black editions with the pebble white sole. The shoes are quoted “For daily use” and for $160 bucks a pop you’d probably want to avoid that and keep them as a fancy dress sneaker. Unfortunaly, I didn’t do that. For daily use, they’re comfy and fly well at work, parties and general footwork. In comparison to my Cons, these things are a cloud.

Over time they’ve begun to lose their sleek blackness. Too many spilled drinks, tripping on my own feet and abuse. In particular, the gear lever on my motorbike tends to mark the suede. I’ve been looking at them thinking about scoring a replacement. I just can’t justify cost. Especially when they’re still in pretty great condition.

Stefan Janoski FeatureYou’ll notice in the image, they’ve begun to create¬†these grey patches. So the best way to fix these up is to find yourself a decent black marker and start colouring in.

Worn out patchObviously avoid getting the marker on the white bits. You’ll notice they will come up just like new. I’ve done the same with black caps. You’ll find the UV sunlight tends to cause dark colours to fade. It’s a easy and simple way to bring back black. Check’em.

Marker results

Okay, so you probably can’t tell the difference from the camera. I can assure you. They look close to new or at leased, 3 months old again. That saves me another 100 bucks to spend elsewhere. I mean, I’m struggling on a Software Developer salary. Come’on.

Don’t forget, take dat cap off and sniff it!

Tyrone Biggum teaching class

See the full Dave Chappell reference clip here –¬†

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