Willow Farm Hommus Lid Malfunction

The Willow Farm Hommus Lid Malfunction Consumer Advocacy

Okay, so it’s time to roll-up my sleeves again and get on my consumer high-horse. This time on Willow Farm Hommus. An easy target – you bet.

Today I went to open my Hommus dipping sauce. A simple fact-of-life for many. As I removed the plasitic packaging and moved onto the foil seal I was shocked to discover not one, but two lids. A cruel trick, a mistake or something else?

I like to point out: faults, improvements or unfair outcomes for consumers. While this particular instance is minor. Reports of faulty products need to be raised to companies. I mean come’on. It’s poor quality and as a consumer, I don’t need to put up with this.

Once we let standards slip, in big products or small, we’re opening up the doors for poor product quality behaviour. It’s unacceptible.

I mean, what am I going to do with two lids? Was Willow Farm trying to ‘lock-in freshness’ twice? Is that even possible? Or were they destroying trees buy cleverly or unnecessarily using two lids? Perhaps it’s to trick customers into believing they’ve recieved not one, but two hommuses. Clever branding? I think not.

No, it seems like a manufacturing fault. Somewhere along the line of their lid pressing machines, there has been a malfunction. The lid stamper has stamped twice. A bug in the system or thr hommus container stubbornly sat there and greedily took two hits of a lid. We will never know. Only Willow Farm will.

I cannot contact Willow Farm. I searched for a Facebook group or website. The maybe hiding under an umbrella parent company. It appears to be a faceless brand who shys away from responsibility. Were they really the healthy image company they sought to project? Or something else entirely? Where was the farm? Was it a farm? So many unanswered questions.

To this mystery company that provides a healthy alternative dipping sauce. Who are you? And where did you come from?

A question that many people would like to know. As for me, I’d like to point out that the┬álids are printing twice. Next time, I’d like to know how to contact you. Just in-case something horrbile happens to my hommus. Unless you have something to hide – Willow Farm Hommus.


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