Honours Thesis

Honours Thesis Fingerprint Based Biometric Cryptosystem

My research focused on Template Protection Schemes. Specifically, fingerprint biometric cryptosystems. Increased interest in biometrics (see iPhone 5) raises privacy concerns of identity theft and cross-organisational matching. Current implementations are not secure. This study investigated the practical use of the ‘Fuzzy Embedder’ by Buhan et al. Using a novel method called ‘Quantization Index Modulation’ to embed a cryptographic key into fingerprint features and reliably reproduce them.


This research was a continuation of problems and solutions. Despite having mild-exposure to biometrics and cryptology. I had to quickly become an expert in a very niche area. This was both a blessing and a curse. Self-motivation was key. There was no one who shared the depth of knowledge to aid you. Thankfully, I had the never-ending support of my supervisor. Who was always able to guide me in the right direction (thanks to many scribbles and diagrams).

Fingerprint based Biometric Cryptosystem using the Fuzzy Embedder


Nandita Bhattacharjee – Supervisor: [email protected]

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