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Industry Experience Program – Monash University S.O.S Pest Control

S.O.S Pest Control required a online-presence to aid marketing and provide vital details to its existing and potential customers. Custom functions; self-diagnosis questionnaire, animations and content management . A mobile application was also develped to remove hand-written customer cards. Interfacing with existing MYOB accounting software.


This project was part of Monash University’s Industrial Experience program. Final year students are placed into groups of five. Each group is allocated a client from the local community. Using the skills leaned throughout their degree, IT solutions are created following best SDLC practices. Working together as a team brought significant challenges.


As an inexperienced Project Manager, I learned quickly the ability to adapt, delegate and support others. Thanks to the help of my wonderful supervisors.


Supervisor – Steve Remington: [email protected]


*Web-site re-designed.

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