Old Website

Old Website The Experimental Single Page Application

The old website was an attempt at a single page application website. It was made before popular SPA frameworks such as AngularJS or Knockout. Instead it relied on a WordPress API plugin and some old school raw Javascript XMLHttpRequests (it likely was via JQuery).

The code was messy and impossible to maintain. It would break at a drop of the hat. Although it worked really well. Until you attempted to use it on a Mobile or were called Google.

In-fact the main reason the website was re-done was because it would not index on Google. No matter how the hashbangs were placed and guides followed, Google just did not like to crawl through the mountains of redirects and I don’t blame it.

This time I’ve adopted a more traditional approach which I believe, provides a much more predictable user experience. Simpler for me to maintain too.

Old Website: www.georgefield.com.au/old-website/

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