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I’ve been working on a project with an old colleague at the Melbourne state library. We’ve been meeting up every week or so and slowly chipping away at the vision, design, infrastructure and code. I worked on the prototype while I spent 3 months in Malaysia with my partner. It occurred to me that we’ve been working on it for over a year now.

What’s TryScanMe?

It’s a location-based QR code social system. To give it a technical name. You’ll find these stickers around your city with QR codes on them. When you scan one it takes you to a wall where you can leave messages and photos. There’s nothing special about it except – the wall is temporary. You can only access it for 15 minutes. Once it expires you need to go back to the sticker and scan it again.

So it’s like Facebook or WhatsApp… just accessed though a sticker?

No. The temporary access and unique redirect system means TryScanMe is fixed to a physical location of your choice – a place. One with a unique vibe, culture or atmosphere. It’s up to you where you place a sticker. Think of slapping a sticker on an entrance or exit to a major event. A music festival or football game. The interactions are guaranteed to differ. While other social systems rely on the users connection of friends. TryScanMe relies on a place. A place where only those who have physically tread foot are both allowed to see it and interact. No one else.

Our currently dull homepage!

Where do you use it?

A nightclub toilet stall for example. If you’ve ever been to one you’ll notice people love to write things all over the walls. Those messages are different depending on the venue. The music, the lights, the decor, the clientele create a unique atmosphere. When people are alone after a few drinks in a stall – they can come up with some crazy stuff.

How can you express yourself if you don’t have a pen? I’m sure you have a phone. While you sit there staring forward you’ll witness our sticker in-front of you. “Scan me”, your eyes will fixate on it. You use your camera app and follow the link to be presented with the messages of the many others who have been before you. You decide to leave your own mark, hell, you could leave a picture! One that is only available to those who’ve sat in the exact same toilet stall and experienced the exact same smells and sticky floor as you. A brotherhood/sisterhood of toilet stall goers. A stickerhood.

TryScanMe is digital graffiti. It reduces the real thing. Stick them in toilets and give people a reason not to draw on the walls. Stick them on your front-door for neighbors to leave a message when you’re not home. Your letterbox for your postman. We’ll setup an alert for you, such as email when you receive a message. Or it can be completely anonymous. A digital wall tied to a physical location.

The admin interface or ‘Dashboard’ to manage your codes

How does it work?

It has a clever redirect system and the codes are locked-down to a geo-location to secure it from prying eyes. Or if you choose not to – you can stick one on your tram and let the wall ride the rails. Who knows what kind of things people would post on your route. It’d certainly be different from the nightclub scenario from before. Even different if you stuck one at a music festival, remote location or taxi cab. Why not put one in an envelop and send it overseas. Who knows what messages will be left on it.

TryScanMe is built on cloud technology. So you can print as many stickers as you want. Infinitely. There is no limit to the imagination of how you use them; just that you do.

We have great plans for this project and we’re enjoying building it so you can too. We’ll do our best to provide a pretty interface, cool stickers and a reliable messaging system for you to enjoy. The app will be focused on mobile and while it doesn’t look like much now, give us time and feedback and we’ll make it the best, and only, secret physical location based-message platform.

Thanks for reading and remember:

Since writing on toilet walls is done neither for critical acclaim, nor financial rewards. It is the purest form of art.

Graffiti can be nice 👌 
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